Friday, April 15, 2011

The Errant Cook is cookin' up another baby!

Hey y'all, long time, no post.

No excuses, people.  I'm lazy.  I still cook dinner every night, though, and occasionally make a fancy lunch for me and the 4 year old spawn when leftovers don't interfere.

A couple of big news items- me and my husband have successfully bred again, and we'll be having an Errant Baby sometime in mid-November.  This pregnancy is going as well as can be expected (giggle- see what I did there?) - I'm eating all the damn time, taking regular naps, and already outgrowing my regular jeans (argh).  But my mom friends assure me that fattening up early is very common to second pregnancies.

Secondly, I've officially decided to redo last year's blog project called Operation: Expand Horizons this May.  This time, however, to assure more success and less stress, I'm choosing the recipe list with the help of my husband, rather than foisting my choices upon him.  :D

Thanks for continuing to read this little project of mine!  I love you all!