Friday, June 18, 2010

Operation: Expand Horizons - The Moral of the Story

I'd have to say that Operation: Expand Horizons was a blessing and a curse. The blessing part was that I got to try some new recipes, cook some interesting dishes, and clean out the recipe collection a bit.

The curse part was that my picky-eater husband pretty much bitched the entire month. How dare I ruin a perfectly good pork chop by putting stuff on top of it, and why can't we just have rice or potatoes or green beans for every side dish?

There were some good things in the process, too. I realized that planning a menu ahead of time, even just week by week, helps reduce stress tremendously. The simple act of having a list on the fridge of what's on deck for that week makes things easier.

I realized that despite my husband's pickiness, I am a pretty good cook, and even though feeding him for the rest of my life will most assuredly be a pain in the ass at times, I do thoroughly enjoy cooking and baking and feeding my family good food. I'm damn stubborn and I can't shake the feeling that I will change this man's mind eventually.

At any rate, I'm still going to throw in a new recipe once or twice a week, and when I feel like eating something really weird, I'll make it for lunch.

The blog goes on. Thanks for reading!


AllisonCunny said...

I love it, I too have a picky husband. He bitches and moans every time I try to feed him anything green or colored, despite health problems in his family.

I feel your pain and love seeing and reading about your kitchen adventures. Bravo!

Rebecca said...

Well I've enjoyed riding along with you, although I wish I was living back in town so I could have sampled most of these dishes. It is true having a menu at the beginning of the week is a stress reliever and also a penny saver. I do hope you have another crazy food adventure and who knows hopefully I'll be back in town so we can cook and blog together! Oh I know when I am in town lets do FUSION!