Saturday, October 9, 2010

Farmer's Market Haul, $40 Compost Bin!

I made the drive to downtown Broken Arrow, a lovely suburb of Tulsa, this morning to visit their farmer's market and take advantage of not only some tasty local produce, but a compost bin special offered by the Metropolitan Environmental Trust, the area group that heads up recycling and environmental education efforts.

I bought the Garden Gourmet compost bin for $40, nearly half price.  Wahoo!

Sadly, the farmer's market season in Oklahoma is pretty much over, but I got some very photogenic produce today- locally grown zucchini, red potatoes, green beans, jalapeños, and sweet green heirloom chiles that originated in Italy but I didn't catch the name of.  And, I sampled some yummy smelling hand lotion from Cheeky Munky Soap Company.

My drive home was filled with culinary inspiration brought upon by my purchases.

The zucchini will probably be sauteed as a side dish and possibly turned into bread or muffins.  The jalapeños will be used in some Mexican dishes, which I love to eat any day of the week.  I may even get a wild hair and make a batch of my Uncle Frank's special salsa.  The red potatoes will be roasted with the sweet chiles for a first attempt take on papas con chile.

The huge batch of green beans will be divided into two dishes- steamed, and as delicious homemade green bean casserole.  I've planned it in my head: béchamel sauce, lots of diced mushrooms, blanched green beans, shallots, garlic, and a little thyme, baked with a topping of buttery bread crumbs.  Yum!


Kat said...

Congrats on the good scores! I'm eager to hear how you do with the compost bin.

Next time you're in B.A. let me know and we can meet up!

El said...

Farmer's markets are the best. It looks like you found some delicious items.

Shelley Parker Chandler said...

I'm in BA, too! Thanks for supporting the M.E.T. They employ may of our mentally and disabled Oklahomans, enabling them to have better lives. :)