Tuesday, October 1, 2013

OKtoberfest/Okie October part one: Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show

In case you weren't aware, the lovely state of Oklahoma plays host to the *biggest* and most prestigious cake show in the country.

No, really.  I'm totally serious.

As a cake-maker myself, I finally mustered the courage to enter the competition this year.

Here's my entry, in the Adult Advanced Novelty category:

Awesome, right?  I'm so talented.

Not that talented, apparently.  I got third place.

But still.  THIRD. PLACE.  My first time entering!!!  I'm so excited.  I got a shitload of swag and some cool prizes. 

My six year old daughter, who is a budding caker in her own right, wanted to join in the fun, so she created a fondant cake of her own.

Adding finishing touches.  She did this all by herself!

My kiddo didn't place this time, but every child who entered got an Honorable Mention ribbon and an armload of swag, as well.

We're totally entering again next year!

There were some supremely talented cake artists represented at the show, and the usual group of WTF?s as well.  I don't feel bad at all about getting third place in my category, because 2nd place and 1st place were pretty freakin' sweet.

First Place in Adult Advanced Novelty Cakes

Second Place in my category.  I chatted with this lady when we dropped our cakes off at the same time.  She was from Austin, TX.

There were dozens and dozens of beautiful cakes, and I took pics of most of them, but there are far too many to post here. 

Several of the cakes were done by my good friends in my hobby cake group, T-Town Cake Club.  I'm so proud of all of my buds!  We all came away with ribbons and lovely prizes.

If ever you're in town during the Tulsa State Fair, make sure you come the first weekend to see the cake show!  It's amazing.

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