Thursday, April 29, 2010

Operation: Expand Horizons - An introduction

I am married to one of the most picky eaters I've ever known. This poor man was raised on a shitty diet of Salisbury steaks, pot pies, and few and far between poorly home-cooked greasy meals. This has left him with woefully narrow tastes. However, he's willing to change, and ten years with me has broadened him noticeably.

But there's still work to be done. I've begun a lifestyle change to eat less and eat better, both in quality and in variety, and I'm hoping to take him along for the ride. Actually, he doesn't have a choice, because I do all the cooking! :D I'm easy to feed. I am willing to try pretty much anything and I love vegetables. Him, not so much. But he appreciates the difference between canned and fresh, knows he needs to lose some weight by eating less/better, and has expressed a desire to eat a wider variety of food.

I also have subscriptions to two magazines that I love- Martha Stewart's Everyday Food and Bon App├ętit. Every time I receive a new issue, I go through the whole thing and Post-It recipes. I write the name of the recipe on the Post-It, and write it down in an index with the magazine name and date. I do the same thing for internet recipe printouts, and I keep them in categorized 3-ring binders- beef, chicken, desserts, etc. This organization helps me by providing a quick reference that I can scan when planning the week. Needless to say, however, there are always more recipes than my husband is willing to try. This Operation will hopefully change all that.

In an effort to bring about these changes, and also to kick my own arse in the blog-updating category, I've decided to initiate Operation: Expand Horizons for the month of May. Every day will bring a new recipe to be tried.

Not every recipe will be dinner. A lot of them will be my own lunches, which will also feed our 3 year old daughter. Her horizons are still being developed, so this will be good for her too. Some of them will be dinner side items. A few will be desserts.

Each day will bring a post of the dish I made, a link to find it online if possible, and a photo of the results. I'm really looking forward to this!


MJ said...

Love it, Jen! I'm following....

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