Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fish Tacos with Green Chile-Yogurt Sauce and Cilantro-Cabbage Slaw

I've been in the mood for fish lately, and decided to try some from my regular grocery store's meat and fish counter instead of driving through the construction-riddled hell that surrounds my local fishmonger at present.  I picked up some fresh Basa fillets for under $4.00 a pound.  Can't beat that with a stick!

I was undecided as to how I was going to cook these bad boys until I decided to make grilled chicken fajitas one evening for dinner.  I thought, why not throw the fish in a foil packet and grill it, too?  So here we are.

First I made a slaw of sliced cabbage, chopped cilantro, fresh lime juice, and salt and pepper.  After tasting a few times, I tossed in a sprinkle of sugar to balance the flavors.


Then I threw a small can of diced green chiles into the blender with some homemade yogurt, a little cilantro, and salt and pepper.  I put the resulting mixture into a reusable bottle since it made more than I needed.  This is a good general sauce for tacos of all kinds.

The Basa fillets were seasoned with kosher salt, black pepper, and New Mexico chile powder before being wrapped up in their foil packet and grilled until flaky.  Make sure you don't overcook them- fish cooks very quickly.

Chunks of fish were laid out on warmed flour tortillas, drizzled with the green chile sauce, and topped with cabbage slaw.


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Katie said...

Lawlz I've lost my mind in the gutter and can't help but giggle over the term "fish tacos". These look delish!