Monday, June 4, 2012


So.  Yeah.  It's been over a year since my last post. I finally decided to bite the bullet and forgive myself for imperfection. Don't worry- this blog isn't gonna get all sappy and introspective on you. 

But a moment of truth, if I may.  I suffer from blog envy.  Bad.

I don't read very many blogs with regularity, but I do view posts on lots of different sites that always make me wish my blog was better.  You know the ones.  The people with a dedication to regular posting that I just can't muster.  The people who blog for a living.  The people with no kids.  The glossy photography.  The custom-designed layouts.  All the shit that I do not possess.

All of that, coupled with my self-induced shame over the fact that I A) don't know much about taking pictures, B) don't care to learn photography, and C) don't want to have to ask my husband to do all my food pics, caused me to pretty much shut down my interest in blogging about food.  The fact that I was pregnant last year didn't help- hormones, for one, and less time to pursue hobbies like this one.

So here goes.  A new template, a renewed sense of what this blog is for (my own enjoyment, dammit, so why am I so worried about pleasing other people?), a bestowing of grace upon myself that this little blog doesn't have to be perfect.  It only has to be fun. 

I love food.  I love feeding my family.  And sometimes, I like to write about it.

If you're here, then quite likely, you love food too.  Welcome, friend.

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