Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sauerkraut with Gin and Caraway

The fifth installment in this month's blog project was such a dismal failure, I didn't even bother taking a photo.  It sounded promising - sauerkraut with gin and caraway seeds - and the accompanying article in Bon Appetit by noted blogger and fellow Okie Molly Wizenberg was lovely.  Besides, we already like sauerkraut, and my husband is a fan of gin.  What could go wrong?

The plan was to make the kraut as a side/topper for some grilled bratwurst, served alongside fried potatoes.  I opened a can of regular kraut, drained it, and added the gin (Tanqueray No. 10) and caraway seeds as instructed.  After simmering for the called-for 30 minutes, I gave it a taste.  So did my husband.  Neither one of us thought it was palatable. 

We enjoyed our brats and potatoes.  Next time, I'll stick to my usual can of Bavarian sauerkraut, which is sweet and already seasoned with caraway.  :\

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