Sunday, May 1, 2011

Operation: Expand Horizons, second edition!

Well, dear readers, May is once again upon us, and I have decided to revisit last year's blog project I called "Operation: Expand Horizons."  If you haven't read about it yet, check out the archive here.  This project is basically an attempt to introduce a wider variety of choices into our gustatory repertoire here at the Errant Home. 

It accomplishes a couple of other things in the process: it helps me to flex my culinary muscles, helps expose our 4 year old daughter to new tastes (whilst I sneak in extra veggies for good measure), and gives me an opportunity to try things out on my husband, who was raised in a less-than-adventurously-eating household.

Last year, I put a lot of pressure on myself for this project.  That was Mistake Number One.  This is supposed to be FUN!  I also put a lot of pressure on my husband to LOVE. EVERY. DISH. NOMATTERWHATDAMNYOU!  Again, wrong-headed.  So this year, I'm easing some of the pressure by having my husband actually help choose the recipes.  Involving him in the process ensures that although we are trying new recipes, we are trying things that he might actually eat.  Whoda thunk?

Another part of fixing last year's mistakes is how I'm assembling the recipe list.  Last year, I chose all the recipes in advance.  This year, I've got a 20-item list to start, but I'm going to be more flexible and go week by week with the actual choosing.  This will also enable me to select recipes based on what I find on sale at the grocery store and what looks good at the farmer's market.

I hope you'll follow along with this year's project and maybe get inspired to do your own.  I love feedback and questions, so sock it to me.

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