Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Errant Kitchen

I've read my fair share of food blogs, and I always wonder what those cooks are working with in their kitchens.  Do they have a sprawling country kitchen or are they bumping their elbows in a NYC style postage stamp?

Wonder no more about my humble kitchen, kiddies.  Here she is in all her mid-century modern glory.

Galley-style 1950s kitchen

If it hits the ground, it goes to the hound.  This is Barney, the eldest of our 3 dogs.  That is Barney's Laying Spot.

Limited counter space, so I've got to keep it clean and cleared off.

Fridge cluttered with recently used recipes, magnets, some artwork from my kid, and a few notes.

My kitchen gadget wish list on the left, and this week's menu on the right.

My favorite magnet.

More cool magnets- we found the gears a few years ago at Pottery Barn Kids and I got the Dr. Seuss ones in the dollar bin at Target.

Wall O' Workhorses- KitchenAid food processor, vintage chrome and glass Osterizer blender, compost scraps container, cool toaster I got for Christmas, and awesome thermal carafe Cuisinart coffee pot, also an Xmas gift.

Designated greenery.  I have to keep the tendrils tucked in because they tickle me in the face while I do dishes if they get a little long.

My much loathed glass-top stove with one bad burner (came with the house), bread dough rising, good knives from Victorinox, Wüsthof, and Henckels, vintage canisters, organic bananas, and my KitchenAid stand mixer under its dust cover.


Shelley Parker Chandler said...

I like a big kitchen. Mine is roomy, but has a serious lack of counter space and cabinets. My next house will have a HUGE kitchen with TONS of storage and counter space. :) You have also inspired me to consider sharing photos of my kitchen.

Sherri said...

OMG! We almost have identical kitchens (even down to that wonderful hide-the-dirty-dishes-from-guests pocket door!) The main difference in mine is that my refrigerator is where your microwave is. (And your little helper could come by and help me cook anytime - so cute!) It was nice to meet you at the Blogger Meet-up, though the cramped quarters didn't really allow for as much mingling as usual. Maybe we can chat more if we both go to the next one. =)