Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pecan Waffle with Peach Puree

We love eating a big breakfast on the weekend, and last Saturday night, while thinking about the next morning's fare of waffles and bacon, I was struck with an inspiration. Peaches. And pecans. And a waffle. Delicious inspiration, to say the least.

Alton Brown of the Food Network has a great scratch waffle recipe that I use all the time. Trust me- you won't want boxed mix waffles again after you try it. (He also has a really good pancake recipe.)

I made my husband his plain waffle and then started on mine. I ladled batter into the waffle iron like usual, only this time, I sprinkled the top of the batter with a healthy dose of chopped pecans before closing the lid.

Instead of regular pancake syrup, I made some peach puree out of some peaches I canned myself last month. I threw the chunks and some of the juice into the blender with a healthy pinch of brown sugar and a sprinkling of cinnamon and blended it smooth.

The resulting photo does look a little like a waffle covered in nacho cheese, but trust me, it was amazing. The peach puree was just right, a welcome fruity change from the overly sweet syrup I normally use. I will definitely be making my waffles like this again!

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Tasha said...

Know what I love? These recipes for waffles from Orangette (whom you mentioned in a more recent blog post):

Crispy on the outside, soft and steamy on the inside = perfection.

So, I'm really, really liking this blog. Your writing style is so light and funny - it's refreshing to find a blog to get stuck on for awhile simply because I enjoy the read. Keep up the great work!