Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hummus and Veggie Wrap

In an attempt to atone for last night's dinner of Philly cheese steaks with fried potatoes, I decided to make a super healthy lunch of hummus and veggie wraps.  Thankfully, it was also kid-friendly, which for my ├╝ber-carnivore child is a big deal.

Hummus is widely available in grocery stores, but homemade is so much better.  You can better control the content of the salt, for one, and you can also customize it to your tastes.  Some places add too much tahini (sesame seed paste) for my liking, which can add unwanted bitterness.  Others make theirs the consistency of baby food- I like mine free of chunks, but I don't mind a little texture.

I blogged about the simple joys of hummus once before, and you can find my recipe here.

I made myself a wrap with a generous schmear of hummus on a small tortilla and piled it high with an assortment of vegetables- cucumber, tomato, carrot, and alfalfa sprouts.  I sprinkled a little kosher salt on the tomato slices before closing it up. 

My kiddo had a dollop of hummus on her plate with some carrot and cucumber slices and wedges of tortilla for dipping.  She also used her finger to get up the last few bits!  :D

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