Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Oatmeal Sandwich Bread

Oklahoma summer has been especially cruel to this lover of all things that come from the oven.  With our 1-year-old AC even struggling to stay below 78 on these 100-plus days, baking of any kind has been strictly forbidden by my heat-intolerant husband.  In fact, he's broken his takeout-only streak and actually taken *me* out to eat in order to avoid my turning on the stove for dinner.

So when we got some torrential rain and accompanying cool front yesterday, after I got done dancing a gleeful jig, I celebrated by baking a loaf of bread.  The recipe was one I had not yet tried and was made available by fellow Okie and famous-ish blogger and writer Molly Wizenberg of Orangette

I'm not a regular of Molly's blog for no reason other than my own apparent inability to remember to visit it (call it mommy brain), but you should definitely check it out.  She also writes monthly for Bon Appetit magazine.

This bread turned out to be everything it was promised- simply delicious.  I will make it again.  And again.  It's easy, the dough rose like the dickens, and the texture is divine. 

I made one small substitution to the recipe - available here in case you missed it - I used maple syrup instead of molasses, for the simple fact that I didn't own any molasses but I did have the syrup wasting away in the fridge.

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Damaris said...

I'm going to have and try this bread. It's all the rave.